I was recently recommended to Dr. Patty and rate her at a +5. Honestly, she brings such a fresh face to cosmetic dentistry. I was ready to begin the process of getting my teeth in the best health, I saw Dr. Patty and was immediately impressed with her energy, her knowledge and her genuine interest in helping me achieve my goals. Her staff is helpful, energetic and bright. If you are ready to step up your game, give Dr. Patty a call, you will not regret it.

Amanda Bosch

Always a great experience here at Dr. Patty’s office! The caviar facial I had today was pure bliss. My skin is tight and radiant as a result. Thank you once again for being an amazing place to visit for all needs related to the face and smile!

Doug Koger

So grateful to find Dr. Patty. She is a top knotch perfectionist with the touch of a nurturer. I no longer have fear of treatment under her care. Also, her staff is chipper and actually happy to go above the status qou for their clients to have a great experience. If you haven’t had the pleasure of a nice dental experience, here is your chance. You’ll thank me later- you’re welcome in advance

Maria Millman

Ok u want the truth
I never ever left a review in my life. I’m a successful 40year old entrepreneur and business man not scared of nothing, ONLY the dentist . Reason I HATE the dentist I had terrible experiences in past . So a friend who is in the dental industry told me to check out Dr. Patty so we checked it out together and she made me a appointment, remember my friend works for a different dentist but I wanted sedation dentist so we searched and found Dr. Patty. I showed up parked directly in front of the door walked in everyone was friendly except me I was grumpy and ready to walk out any second; but my pain made me stay. I meet 3 happy friendly girls 1 happy guy and Dr Patty and everyone was nice happy and made me feel like being anywhere but at a dentist office..great! BUT I’m still scared and have every excuse to walk but for whatever reason I stayed and said I want full knocked out or I want gas I have too much pain and fear . Dr Patty said no worries we do what we can to make comfortable and before I knew it I had one less painful tooth!! A stud and a crown with ZERO pain ZERO drama and believe it or not with lots of laughs smiles and lots of education about dentistry. Last words Dr Patty took my fear of bad dentists and made me want to go back again. It’s a cool and amazing relaxed place and I’m going BACK ??

Thom Steinbacher

The staff is always courteous. Very calming, Serene atmosphere. They always do their best to make the client happy

Treva Aldrich

I totally recommend this place 5 star my teeth was messed up to the point I thought there was no hopes and I went there and I’m happy with the results I get and the people there are really nice thank you

Carlos Henry

First, the place is serene and beautiful. Fountains abound creating soothing sounds. The floors are beautiful. The place is immaculate and nicely designed. The staff are all great and professional! They are great at making you feel informed and comfortable. They are consummate professionals who care about their clients. I highly recommend them!!

MattandBob DeBenson91

Always a great experience. Very professional and courteous staff.

Celia Phillips

Dr. Patty offers both sound and futuristic advice about the best route to take in your dental plan. Her attitude toward me as a patient is professional yet comforting. Let’s face it , at times dental experiences can bring on a level of distress however, having been a patient of Dr. Patty’s for over a year , I would recommend her to anyone. Her staffing team is also very knowledgeable as they offer support to clients coupled with their ability to answer and questions or concerns I have had throughout my dental experience. Most importantly, Dr. Patty and her staff work as a team which creates an environment that offers a holistic and rewarding dental and spa experience. If you care about your teeth and overall health this is the best place to do so!

kelley knowles

Very accommodating, friendly, and customer service oriented staff. Appointments are always on time and when you arrive the staff is always there to greet with a warm smile. The office is very inviting and comfortable, you feel relaxed and clam throughout your entire appointment. I would recommend this Dental office to everyone! Dr. Patty is up on all of the latest and greatest techniques in dentistry.

Sony Prudent

Dr. Patty and her staff are wonderful! Dr. Patty is a superstar! She is up on all of the latest and greatest techniques in dentistry. I brought my mother to see Dr. Patty specifically because my mother suffered from EXTREME gum loss. Dr. Patty, without out even ONE incision or stitch, corrected my mother’s extreme gum loss with some gum contouring technique we never knew existed. Thank you Dr. Patty!

Ellen Taracido, PA

Have been coming for a few years. I’ve always had an EXTRAORDINARY time. Dr. Patty and her staff treat their clients as if they were part of fhe family. I have had facials, eyebrow threading, parafin on my hands, dental cleaning and teeth whitening done. The dental boutique has a spa feeling to it.

I HIGHLY recommend Dr Patty’s Dental Boutique. Specially if you have dental fear. You can relax before or after you dental appointment.

Rochelle Gonzalez

BEST EYELASH EXTENSIONS IN FLORIDA! I’ve had my eyelashes done for the past 5 years, so I’ve seen my share of good and bad as they’ve become more popular. Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique is the only place I trust with my eyes now! The location itself is beautiful, think spa-like zen. Really, it rivals any spa in Ft. Lauderdale… But what’s most important – it’s MEDICAL GRADE CLEAN… Most places that offer lash services, facials, etc are not under the strict health codes of a dental office (I won’t name any here, but they should be ashamed of themselves) and that’s where the horror stories come from. But at Dr. Patty’s, I get to enjoy the comfort of a 5-star spa with the peace of mind that everything (tools, products, etc.) is sterile, safe, and of the highest medical grade. I almost didn’t want to write a review because I feel like this place is my little secret! The staff is always amazing… Claudia, my specialist, is fabulous and so very talented. I can’t wait for my next appointment (or nap as I call it, because I end up sleeping through it and wake up so refreshed!). The space, the staff, the services… I really feel blessed to have found Dr. Patty’s!

Katie B.

Dr. Patty and her staff were extremely professional and helpful.
I felt amazingly relaxed even after I was told I needed a root canal!
Even though I was a new patient, I felt confident that I was in good hands.

Erica Alves

Dr. Patty and Staff are top notch. Dr. Patty explained every procedure in detail and made sure to calm all of my fears. I would recommend Dr. Patty to everyone.

Kashonta Ellis

Dr. Patti has got to be the best dentist specializing in teeth Restoration I have ever had the opportunity to visit. I was treated like a superstar. I had a horrible experience with a previous dentist with one expensive problem after the next. While visiting in Fort Lauderdale one of my veneers fell off while eating a soft sandwich. This was not unusual from the previous dentist that had placed these Veneers. I researched Dr. Patty online to fix this one Veneer and was so impressed in her office I chose to get a complete reconstructed set. She totally redid my teeth to perfection. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their smile. You will be treated like a king or queen and come away looking like a movie star. My husband has now decided to get is completely done. Oh and did I mention you are offered champagne while in the spa/clinic !

Jean Covillo

I have been going here for facials with Yolanta since December and my skin has never looked better! She is so nice, so knowledgeable, and I look forward to my facials every month. On top of that everyone there, from Dr Patty to the front desk, is exceptionally nice. Always make me feel welcomed and they always remember me. I highly recommend Yolanta for her amazing facials and Dr. patty’s for the great and welcoming atmosphere.


Dear Dr. Patty, Gil, Annie, Claudia and Oliver,

Thank you for the wonderful care! I had not gone to the dentist in a long while because of my extreme dental anxiety. Your whole team, including your therapy dog have worked hard to help me feel safe and calm. Your dental office is beautiful, but it is all of you that I come there for. It is hard to find people in the medical field who will listen and hold your hand (literally). I was already a patron of your spa. I’m so glad I finally made the leap to also be a dental patient. I also appreciate the fun dental health facts you post on the board in the waiting room. I know now how important it is to take care of my teeth and because of you I have the courage to do so.

Thank you!!!
Fran Rubio-Katz

Fran Rubio-Katz

Please come to Texas you will put Mint out of business love your office and staff continue the the great work and love the environment and see you soon

Darius Williams

When I moved to South Florida from NJ 6 years ago I was worried about finding a good dentist since I’ve been seeing the same dentist since I was 15. Thankfully, I met Dr. Patty and she and her team delivered an experience beyond my expectations. This is not your ordinary routine exam.

angelique santana

I’m a new client. I went in for a cleaning. It would have been easy for Dr Patty to just do the cleaning and not recommend anything additional for fear of me thinking she’s trying to scam me. She instead took the time to sit down and educate me on the state of my gums and teeth. My previous dentists never took the time to have me understand what’s happening under the surface of my gums. I made the decision to schedule a deep cleaning and laser gum treatment. When I came to the appt and found out my insurance wouldn’t cover all of it, I balked. Dr Patty and her staff took the time to walk me through each of the steps to having clarity and didn’t pressure me at all to do the procedure. They even offered to refund my deposit for the procedure. She did everything she could to accommodate me. When we finally worked it out, her and her team did everything possible to have me be comfortable and taken care of. They went above and beyond in a situation that wasn’t ideal. Getting a procedure done has enough anxiety and stress associated with it. I wasn’t the easiest client and they handled everything with grace. I highly recommend the services here and the way customers are treated.

Erin Snyder

About a year ago my dentist of nearly 20 years dr. Bruce Bartos of Fort Lauderdale retired much to my dismay then it left me looking for a good dentist I wanted one that would make me feel relaxed then I saw an interview with dr. Patty on Good Morning America a so-called sleep dentist so I decided to give them a call from the moment I am to the office I felt relaxed I was offered a glass of champagne could have had wine or coffee then my consultation began I found out I needed quite a bit of work to bring my mouse back up to speed however I even ended up falling asleep during a root canal that’s how relaxed I am I never had a phobia of the dentist but I always sat there on pins and needles no more the staff is absolutely wonderful and so professional in addition the office is immaculate I feel as though I could eat off the floor there if I had to kudos to dr. Patty and her staff I will be a patient of theirs for the rest of my life please don’t retire guys and keep up the good work

Larry levasseur

Dr Patty is a Genius!! She is so good at what she does! So Gentle and So Sweet.
She truly cares about the outcome of your teeth and makes you feel so comfortable.
I have done the 6 month braces and had tons of cavities filled in her office my teeth were in bad shape and now after 5 months they are straight!!!
Whoever has a dentist phobia like i did, This is the place for you!

Naomi Gottlieb

Always professional , quick and painless. Dr. Patty and her staff have saved my teeth !

Christopher Schuman

My experience was good. My cleaning well

Avis Wilkinson

This place is amazing! Not only is the staff and environment welcoming, the services performed are top notch. Having a deep cleaning is typically painful in my experience…but Dr Patty’s team performed a deep cleaning on me with little to no pain. I would HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone of my friends. Just call Natalie and she will take amazing care of you.

Roger Posey

After not visiting a dentist for several years, and I do mean several years and also being terrified I’m so pleased with Dr. Patty and her staff. My first visit was inviting, professional, & caring. I didn’t feel rushed, overwhelmed or scared to return, I couldn’t wait for my next appointment. Dr. Patty and her team made every visit after that the BEST Dental experience I ever had. I am so pleased with the highest level of knowledge Dr. Patty bring to every visit, along with her passion for patient care. Looking for a comfortable, relax dental experience or needing a change in your dental care, I would and have recommend Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique for ALL your dental needs.

Thanks so much Dr.Patty
Natalie W.

Natalie Wilson

Coming to Dr. Patty’s with no previous knowledge of what we were to encounter we were completely knocked out and comforted by the high level of professionalism that is the standard at this state of the art Dental Boutique.
My partner and I had been through two trips to the Emergency Room for what was misdiagnosed to be sinusitis or even cellutlitis (in the face !).
After a consult with a brilliant Acupuncturist we took his advice and began calling for a local dentist. This appeared to be a challenging feat as it was a very rainy Saturday afternoon around 12:15 – lunchtime.
We were warmly received by Natalie in English and eventually Spanish as well which is great because my other half is often more comfortable speaking Spanish when stressed. The facility itself was far above any expectations and the idea of combining a day spa with a dental office simply never occurred to either of us. In actuality, a terrific pairing.
The staff was fast, efficient, and diverse. Wonderful to know if anyone has needs in English, Portuguese or Spanish you will find it there.
Beyond the niceties the staff worked together as one high performance machine all led by the diminutive powerhouse of a woman known as “Dr. Patty”.
Although petite and feminine, Dr. April Patterson is a natural leader, as passionate about her craft as she is knowledgeable and contemporary.
While my dear one went under the dental knife to be freed of a painful abscess, I was being served champagne, enjoyed Netflix on a large flat screen, in the comfort of leather chair and was offered a complimentary paraffin treatment. Eventually I even enjoyed a cappuccino to boot !
To be honest, the minute we arrived and met Natalie in person and got the whole vibe of the place I knew we had finally found the right place for our dental needs – and for some relaxation therapy as well. Thank You Dr. Patty and your truly exceptional staff.

Christopher Burnett

Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique is a one-of-a-kind dentist experience that will have you begging for more!

Never have I been a fan of the dentist until I got to know Dr. Patty. So much so, that I followed Dr. Patty from her old dental office to her new location. She is knowledgeable, friendly and unique….and her personality and expertise transcends into her wonderful team!

From the moment you call (or walk) into their office, you are welcomed with a smile and treated like a VIP through your visit and even into the follow up call the next day. Dr. Patty and her team treats you like family and it shows!

I’m currently undergoing Six Month Smiles with Dr. Patty’s and I look forward to my monthly visits. Yes, the adjustments may not be fun but Dr. Patty and her team make you feel at ease so that you feel comfortable at her boutique.

I work in the customer service industry and I’m normally very critical of bad experiences. I’ve never had a bad experience with Dr. Patty. They’re always willing to listen and attend to our every need.

I’ve been spoiled and will never visit another dentist’s office again! I dare you to find another dental office who cares about their customers and is passionate about what they do!

– Pablo

Pablo Urquilla

A dental office that offers spa services? How great is that? I walked in on Saturday to see if I could get threaded. The girls at the front were extremely helpful and they were able to fit me in. While I waited they offered mimosas and parfaits, which are part of their “Beauty Brunch” they do every other Saturday. It was a really nice touch. The office is just beautiful and you can tell that Dr. Patty does not cut corners. Alicia did the threading and she was very thorough and really pleasant. She made me really comfortable and made sure I was completely satisfied before I left. So glad I walked in. I saw that they offer massages and facials too. I will definitely be back!

Mina Shah

I had an AMAZING experience with Dr. Patty & her team for my semi-annual cleaning. From start to finish, every part of my experience was both pampering & pleasurable. So much so that I think two times per year may just not be enough. Thank you, Dr. Patty! I will definitely be seeing you all again soon! ~Erika Miscio

Erika Miscio

Dental Asst that did my semi-annual cleaning was polite, patient and did a good job

Klaus Mary

I’ve been visiting Dr. Patty for several months now. Previous to that I haven’t seen a dentist in years. Everyone has that same psychological fear of the dentist. That was my initial thought before my visit to doctor Patty. I initially went there with my fiancé for support while she underwent a dental procedure. I was so blown away by the atmosphere and service that I scheduled a consultation myself. The décor is such that you forget that you are physically in a dental office, the equipment is state of the art(nothing that looks like it’s been there since the70’s), the procedures are the most modern and efficient, and she offer several spa amenities as well(facials, waxing, champagne, etc.). If I’m not mistaken she offers her own type of insurance packages (don’t quote me on that) and has an in house financial advisor to help out with any financial questions. The staff is nothing short of stellar. They make sure that you’re comfortable and relaxed, if nothing else. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Dr. Patty and her staff is easy on the eyes, yes that means you to Gil. In all seriousness though Dr. Patty has my business for a long time to come and I strongly recommend her, her staff, and services to anyone (Quote me on that)

Schneyder Telus

Everyone at Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique is so great and friendly. I love going to the dentist! Carol, the hygienist, was so kind and informative. Every time I go it’s a wonderful experience.

Christie Galeano

The staff was a little rude, not the front desk but the office manager in particular, other than that I enjoyed myself.

Maria Diaz

Dr Patty has been the absolute best to work with!

Brooke Biggers

Great service and quality work. Furthermore, Dr. Gil does great work with tightening the six month smile braces.

Thurman Brown

The best Dental Boutique in Broward County

Marisol Lara

Dr. Patty’s Boutique is a phenomenal idea, the spa services are an awesome value added for the “want to be pampered” clientele, while the high tech equipment, and minimally invasive techniques will satisfy absolutely everyone. Every visit includes an oral cancer screening, and Dr. Patterson really knows her business.

David Seitz


Bob Drinon


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