Advanced Orthodontic Options To Straighten Misaligned Teeth!

a dental patient with models showing clear aligners on and off a set of teeth

If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, you may be interested in seeing what options are available to correct this. There is no denying the impact misaligned or crooked teeth can have on one’s self esteem, appearance, and overall health. Fortunately, there are various orthodontic treatment options available for misaligned or crooked teeth in Fort […]

Torus Palatinus and Mandibularis

What Is Dental Torus? Do you feel a bump on the roof of your mouth? Maybe you feel something on the sides of your lower jaw. The bump may be small, it may be a bit large, or maybe you don’t realize you have any unusual bumps within your mouth at all. It’s also possible […]

Gum Recession And The Best Way To Treat It

Understanding Gum Recession Have you ever looked at your teeth and noticed how exposed they look? Maybe the top part a tooth looks higher than the others, as if it were longer. You might feel serious sensitivity on these teeth, or through your gum line. It may not be very noticeable to you at first, […]

Teeth Whitening


What are your choices when it comes to teeth whitening? How often have you looked at your smile in the mirror and thought “My teeth aren’t as white as they could be?” There’s a strong chance you’ve looked at your teeth and knew they could probably be whiter. It could be years of drinking coffee, […]

The Effects of Alcohol

How Can alcoholic drinks affect your teeth and gums? If you’re like many out there, you don’t mind indulging in the occasional alcoholic beverage now and again. Some people do drink a bit more regularly than others, while some only drink during special events. Regardless, having a drink, whether always, sometimes, or barely, isn’t that […]

Botox & Fillers

Rejuvenate Yourself with Botox and Fillers As people grow older, many experience the unfortunate effects of wrinkles and think there’s nothing they can do about it. They may even think that these marks of getting older do them a disservice, especially if they still want to impress not only others but themselves with their looks. […]

Inside South Florida

Inside South Florida – Here’s The Tooth: The Dentist Is Fun

Differences in Oral Health between Women and Men

Differences in Oral Health between Women and Men

The differences in oral health between women and men play a significant role in our day-to-day oral hygiene routines. While there are many obvious differences between men and women, you may not think that oral health would be included. You may even think that the differences are not that big or noticeable between the two […]

Is Your Smile Vacation-Ready? Book Your Dental Checkup Today!

Fort Lauderdale Is Your Smile Vacation-Ready? Book Your Dental Checkup Today!

With winter quickly approaching, vacation season is not too far away. You are probably looking for a break that is well-earned and you are ready to relax and have a few days off of work. While most people plan a pre-vacation diet or go on shopping trip for some new clothes. One thing that people […]

Real Men Visit our Cosmetic Dentist

Why it’s Important for Men to Visit our Dentist

Men are less likely to focus on their overall health than women are. While they ignore their general well-being, some men also ignore their dental health which may disappoint or even embarrass their significant other. One reason that men tend to avoid doctors and dentists is because they follow the “if it isn’t broken, don’t […]