Protect Your Smile From Bulimia

HOW TO PROTECT YOUR SMILE WHEN YOU HAVE BULIMIA Bulimia nervosa (more commonly known as bulimia) is an eating disorder associated with binge eating and then purging, either by vomiting, laxatives, or other means. Other than abnormal and harmful eating habits, the disorder is also associated with depression and anxiety, along with societal and sometimes familial […]

Healthy Foods for Teeth

learn which healthy foods are best for healthy teeth Most food out there doesn’t take your teeth’s health into account, whether it’s a sweet dessert or a meaty sandwich. Luckily, as long as you have healthy foods for healthy teeth, you don’t have to hit the toothpaste right after lunch. Apples The key word here […]

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry and How to Choose the Best Cosmetic Dentist?

whiten your teeth in Fort Lauderdale

Dentists that focus on improving the beauty factor of your teeth are cosmetic dentists. In some cases, cosmetic dentistry is not completely necessary, but it can provide you with many benefits such as: Improving your overall confidence Making your smile symmetrical Reducing bruxism Making teeth cleaning easier Cosmetic dentists receive training in more than one […]

Two Amazing Treatments Providing Pain Relief for TMJ Sufferers

TMD and TMJ Therapy in Fort Lauderdale

If you’re one of the millions of people who suffer with TMJ, you understand how painful the disorder can be and how important it is to find a treatment that works.

CEREC® One-Visit Crown & Fillings Treatment

SAME-DAY ALL-CERAMIC RESTORATIONS We are happy to announce that Dr Patty’s Dental Boutique has purchased an in-house CEREC machine.   Our team received proper training earlier this month and officially, we are now offering same-day ceramic crowns and fillings in our practice.   WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU? – No More Conventional Impressions – […]