Are you Afraid to Smile; our Cosmetic Dentist can Help!

Fort Lauderdale dental restoration

Are you afraid to smile, even in front of those closest to you? Are your teeth decayed, broken down, or even missing completely? Lacking the confidence to smile can have a damaging effect on both your professional and personal life. You do not have to be humiliated with your smile any longer; our cosmetic dentist […]

How do you Know if Your Child Needs Braces?

Braces in Fort Lauderdale

Every day, we get asked by our clients if their child will need braces or how they can tell from an early age. These clients are generally the ones that have needed braces themselves or currently need them. Even though the answer that you are looking for is a simple yes or no, the answer […]

Get a Sexy Smile with Invisalign

Start Six Month Smiles Now for a Flawless Smile in Fort Lauderdale

The perfect smile can go a long way, taking you to new places in your career and helping you to get off to the right start. According to research, people who smile more are seen as being more attractive and confident, whether in job interviews, on dates, or elsewhere. So if you need a cosmetic […]