Teeth Whitening


What are your choices when it comes to teeth whitening? How often have you looked at your smile in the mirror and thought “My teeth aren’t as white as they could be?” There’s a strong chance you’ve looked at your teeth and knew they could probably be whiter. It could be years of drinking coffee, […]

GLO: Home Teeth Whitening

For a better and hands-free way to whiten your teeth, look no further than GLO. Using a unique combination of heat and light, GLO is able to make and keep your teeth as white as ever. Featuring no sensitivity, it’s easy to handle and lights up when in use, making it manageable to whiten your […]

Why Do People Whiten Their Teeth?

Teeth Whitening

Have you even seen someone smile and wondered how they managed to keep their teeth looking so healthy and white? You may wonder if they simply brush, rinse, and floss twice a day. If that is the case, why aren’t your teeth as white as theirs? You may wonder if they avoid drinking dark colored […]

When is the Best Time to Whiten Your Teeth?

whiten your teeth in Fort Lauderdale

There isn’t anyone in the world that doesn’t want a whiter, brighter smile. Teeth that are white show that you invest in your oral hygiene and naturally exudes- • Confidence • Youth • Health • Wealth While you can schedule a teeth whitening treatment at anytime, there are certain times in your life that this […]

Whiter Teeth Make You Look Younger, More Attractive, Wealthier, and Smarter

Toothpaste Options are Endless in South Florida

When you were younger, your parents told you over and over again how important it was to brush your teeth. They were right but they may not have realized why. Surveys and studies have consistently shown that white, evenly spaced teeth make people more attractive to others. The reasoning behind this is simple and can […]

What Can You Do if Your Previous Teeth Whitening Didn’t Work?

Teeth Whitening

You can look younger, more confident, and more attractive by having whiter teeth. For over 3,000 years, people have wanted whiter teeth. Today, you can find hundreds of products made to whiten teeth both online and in stores along with procedures that your cosmetic dentist can perform such as: Professional tray whitening Light-activated whitening Chair-side […]