Teeth Whitening


What are your choices when it comes to teeth whitening? How often have you looked at your smile in the mirror and thought “My teeth aren’t as white as they could be?” There’s a strong chance you’ve looked at your teeth and knew they could probably be whiter. It could be years of drinking coffee, […]

Whiter Teeth Make You Look Younger, More Attractive, Wealthier, and Smarter

Toothpaste Options are Endless in South Florida

When you were younger, your parents told you over and over again how important it was to brush your teeth. They were right but they may not have realized why. Surveys and studies have consistently shown that white, evenly spaced teeth make people more attractive to others. The reasoning behind this is simple and can […]

Teeth Whitening

An instant, whiter smile boosts one’s self image and confidence while making a better first impression. New technology allows clients to quickly and easily reverse many of the teeth stains and discolorations that have accumulated over the years from age, coffee, tea and wine-drinking, tobacco-use and other causes with little to no sensitivity. Dr. Patty […]