Veneer Maintenance

WHAT ARE THE BEST WAYS TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR VENEERS?​ Brush & Floss It’s easy to overlook, but just because you have veneers, doesn’t mean you have to work less hard to maintain your oral hygiene. It’s important to keep carefully brushing and flossing your teeth now that you have veneers. Other than giving […]

Are you Afraid to Smile; our Cosmetic Dentist can Help!

Fort Lauderdale dental restoration

Are you afraid to smile, even in front of those closest to you? Are your teeth decayed, broken down, or even missing completely? Lacking the confidence to smile can have a damaging effect on both your professional and personal life. You do not have to be humiliated with your smile any longer; our cosmetic dentist […]

Tooth Repair for Your Chipped Tooth

Chipped Tooth

When you eat hard candies, chew on ice, and devour peanut brittle you may be surprised at how strong your teeth are. You may think that they can chew through just about anything and will never let you down, but you may be caught off guard when your tooth chips.   Dentists will remind you […]